Programs under Rights Village:
Rights of the underserved to access to quality education

About Akademi Rakyat

Akademi Rakyat focuses on the right of the people in villages and underserved communities to have access to quality education. It was set up with the aims of providing access to quality as well as lifelong education to the economically disadvantaged and underprivileged in Balik Pulau.

To date, the number of students has reached a total of five hundred, obtaining free education in arts and social studies, namely language and civic education. Currently, the academy offers English classes, Mandarin, Japanese and Bahasa Melayu. It further extends its outreach programs to the senior citizens through the teaching of the Quran, of which to date has recorded a total of fifty participants in the course.

Core Values

As is consistent with the rudimentary teachings of most religions of the locals, education is understood as the basis of enlightenment and elimination of ignorance, which is the bane of a modern society. With the conviction that progress of a society can only be effective through a collaboration of enlightened community and progressive leaders, the centre under the tutellage of Yusmadi Yusoff offers civic education classes, namely human rights and constitutionalism among others to the underserved locals in Balik Pulau.

Biasiswa Rakyat (Balik Pulau Education Fund)

The centre has also through its ÂBiasiswa RakyatÊ program provides financial support to about 100 underprivileged students in the Balik Pulau constituency.

About Pusat Hak Rakyat

Pusat Hak Rakyat is a centre for the rights of the underprivileged and disadvantaged in villages to have Access to Justice.

Established by Yusmadi Yusoff, former Member of Parliament of Balik Pulau, the centre was inspired by the injustice faced by the families who were evicted by land developers in Balik Pulau. Yusmadi was an active advocate of justice to the evictees, where he defended more than 600 families who were facing eviction by developers through his law firm Fahda Nur & Yusmadi.

It is a conviction that the underprivileged and marginalised should not be subjected to the repercussions of development purely on the basis of their economic disadvantage. It is a paradox to allow development to oppress the people when it should be an impetus to empower them and to appreciate culture and heritage of the indigenous people.

The centre operates with the belief that the rights of the people must not only be protected but also be promoted.

Realizing the limitations of a law firm to cater the need of the underprivileged, Pusat Hak Rakyat was inititated as a project led by mostly those who were victims of eviction.

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