About RIGHTS Law

RIGHTS Law is an initiative to assemble talents specialising in human rights to collaborate for the promotion and protection of the Rights of the people. This network is a catalyst in promoting constructive engagement and interaction which can be translated into À‚legal assistanceÈ‚ pertaining to matters of regional concern.

Understanding the People

Operating on the regional plane, this assembly of talents understand their own community and are motivated to address the problems of the people that they subsist with. It is salutatory to note that certain issues could not be dealt with lawyers in the local region; instead such matters require cross-border intervention from regional talents, such as issues concerning haze, immigrants, and intercultural issues amongst others.

Participants are invited to the network on an individual basis, instead of focusing on the organisation or entities that they represent. These talents will together form the first regional Human Rights law firm who will translate challenges and problems into effective legal assistance and advice, through litigation and mediation.

Therefore, this network will represent an effective collaborative enterprise among the legal talents in the region to offer legal assistance. Such assistance would be centred on regional interest, including matters pertaining to governance, Human Rights and others.


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