About RIGHTS Asean

RIGHTS ASEAN aspires to be a catalyst in promoting constructive engagement and interaction which can be translated into Âlegal assistanceÊ amongst ASEAN member countries. We recognize the pressing need to respond to various cross-border disputes and conflicts and in that, aim to act as the prime facilitator in moving the likeminded who share the same vision into resolving these conflicts.

Our Aims

Its aim is to be a catalyst in promoting constructive engagement amongst members of ASEAN countries on issues of strategic importance, with particular focus on RIGHTS issues and promotion of democratic principles

within the Southeast Asian Region. In formulating effective regional approaches of managing political and human rights issues, it endeavours to capitalize on the institution of the ASEAN Charter and the formalization of ASEAN as a legal entity.

It further aims to realize the effective establishment of Article 14 of the ASEAN Charter on ASEAN Human Rights Body which aspires to promote and protect fundamental freedoms, as well as to foster better understanding of regional jurisprudence and legal system among members of ASEAN countries and ultimately develop and reinvent jurisprudence for democracy in the region.



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