Programs under Rights Village: AKADEMI RAKYAT
Rights of the underserved to access to quality education

About Akademi Rakyat
Akademi Rakyat focuses on the right of the people in villages and underserved communities to have access to quality education. It was set up with the aims of providing access to quality as well as life long education to the economically disadvantaged and underprivileged in Balik Pulau.



RIGHTS ASEAN aspires to be a catalyst in promoting constructive engagement and interaction which can be translated into ‘legalassistance’ amongst ASEAN member countries. We recognize the pressing need to respond to various cross-border disputes and conflicts and in that, aim to act as the primefacilitator in moving the like minded who share the same vision into resolving these conflicts.



Against the backdrop of the existing sensitivities and unique cultural elements within this multicultural and diverse region, talents including leaders, thinkers and policy makers from the respective communities must be brought together and have a platform to meet, interact and collaborate for innovative ideas and ultimately find solutions to these challenges. Thus, RIGHTS will organise an annual RIGHTS FORUM to assemble the ‘thinkers’ and the ‘doers’ of ‘RIGHTS’ fraternity to discuss issues and challenges in the region.

RIGHTS FORUM is a capacity building project under RIGHTS ASIA initiative which aims to empower young legislators in the region with a RIGHTS-based approach of development especially on matters pertaining to Governance, Human Rights and Social Justice (RIGHTS issues).


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